Ethan Johns shoots El Presidente with a WWI Colt 1911

Recently I was able to test a G.I. Colt 1911 made in 1918.  This old warhorse was rebuilt at Rock Island Arsenal before WWII and then at another government arsenal afterwards.  It is all teeny sights, hammer bite, and rattle-ey original, but it is as ready and viable today as when it shipped “Over there”.  Great fun!  The old timer added 1.5 or so to my average drill times, mostly in tracking what little front sight there is and trying to reload, but it held in there well.  Best time came in at 8.9– old iron still gets it done


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Ethan Johns

Ethan Johns is a military professional with worldwide experience in specialized units. He has taught and been responsible for numerous advanced skills and weapons courses within multiple organizations.

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