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While considered by consumers much less frequently than Lumen ratings, Candela output is an important consideration for selecting the best tactical flashlight. Although Lumens are often mistakenly believed to a measure of “brightness”, the Candela is actually the unit of measure of brightness (luminous intensity). (For more information on Lumens, please check out this earlier blog.)

Lumens and Candela are somewhat analogous to Current and Voltage and should never be confused. Lumens measure the total amount of light output while Candela measures the intensity or brightness of the light at any given point. Since intense light will travel farther than weaker intensity light, Candela output can be used to estimate the distance at which a light source can provide illumination. The intensity, or brightness, of light is known to diminish according to the Inverse Square Law. Simply put, this means that if you shine a flashlight on an object 30 meters away and then shine it on an object 10 meters away (1/3 the distance), the nearer object will be nine times (9X) brighter.

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