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An Akron, Ohio man faces a charge of voluntary manslaughter for his actions in a recent home invasion robbery.

When two robbers burst into his home and held him at gunpoint, David Hillis was able to reach his own firearm and turn the tables on his attackers. Seeing their former victim armed, the robbers turned and fled, and Mr. Hillis gave chase. Opening fire as he pursued the men through his neighbor’s yard, Hillis hit and killed one of the fleeing crooks.

As a police lieutenant explained to reporters:

“You’re not protected by the Castle Doctrine when the suspects flee your home or your property and your life is no longer in danger. In this case, the suspects took off running from the house.”

The surviving home invader is being charged with murder for the death of his accomplice during the commission of a crime.


Source: WEWS-TV, Cleveland, OH

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  1.' Sgt. U.S. Army Reply

    Laws are in place for a reason, but maybe if we let good citizens pursue these &@$*bags and take care of business then maybe we would see a decrease in home invasions and well…. These criminals would learn their lesson. I don’t condone violence of any sort, but if you want to commit a violent crime or commit one using a firearm with the intent to use it, whether it’s to intimate or kill they lose their right to live. You should be able to disable the threat by any means necessary. This homeowner saved another family from bring put in harms way…. I don’t feel sad for the dead nor do I feel sorry for the one caught. The homeowner should have no charges brought against him. If you let these criminals know you mean business then maybe they would think twice before committing a crime.

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