Garland Shooter’s Gun From Fast and Furious?

Nadir Soofi, in a 2003 photo from the Salt Lake County sheriff's office.

Is it possible that one of the terrorists who attempted to shoot up the Garland, TX “Draw Mohammed” contest obtained at least one of his guns via the BATFE’s bungled Fast and Furious sting operation?

Nadir Soofi, the would-be mass shooter, walked into an Arizona store that was at the center of the gun-smuggling investigation and attempted to purchase a 9mm pistol some five years ago. His purchase was put on a five business day delay, which was then overturned in 24 hours for reasons that remain unknown, allowing him to take the firearm. The Fast and Furious operation, running at the same time, was letting known or suspected narcotics criminals or smugglers “walk” with guns in sales that would otherwise have been denied, ostensibly so the guns could eventually be traced in Mexico.

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