SureFire LX2 LumaMax

The LX2 LumaMax® is a new pocket-sized dual-output flashlight from SureFire®.


New dual-output SureFire LX2 features highperformance LED capable of producing 200 lumens white light at its high setting (ten times the output of a typical two-D-cell flashlight) and a useful 15 lumens on low. When coupled with a reliable firearm and a solid knife, such as this Spyderco Manix 2, the average individual is good to go.

The LX2 evolved from the popular L2 LumaMax flashlight introduced by SureFire in 2004.  The LX2 features a number of design improvements, including higher output and longer runtime than its predecessor. The LX2 has replaced the L2 in the Sure- Fire lineup.

When it was first introduced in 2004, the L2 featured what was then stateof- the-art flashlight technology. It was equipped with a two-stage lightemitting diode (LED) that produced 15 lumens of light at its low setting and 100 lumens of tactical-level light at its high setting.

While the new LX2 retains the 15- lumen lower output of the L2, the maximum level output has been doubled. The LX2 is the first commercially available LED flashlight from SureFire to produce 200 lumens of light. For purposes of comparison, 200 lumens is ten times the output of a typical two-D-cell flashlight.

As with all SureFire LED lights, the LX2 features digital current regulation to maintain a consistent light output throughout the useable life of the batteries. Unregulated lights are subject to a steady decline in light intensity from the moment of activation.

The LX2 has a runtime of two hours at the high-output level—double the runtime of the L2—and a whopping 47 hours at the low-output level. Two CR123A lithium batteries provide power.

The beam on the LX2 is similar to that of other SureFire lights equipped with a Total Internal Reflection (TIR) lens. The TIR’s tightly focused beam projects a greater distance for threat identification than a comparably sized light. At the same time, it provides enough spill beam to accommodate peripheral vision. The TIR lens, coupled with the 200-lumen output, gives the LX2 amazing throw for a pocket-sized light.


SureFire LX2 is exc eptionally compact and lightweight. It is .75-inch shorter than 100-lumen L2 that it replaces.

While performance has been increased, the size of the flashlight has actually been reduced. The LX2 has an overall length of only 5.4 inches—.75- inch less than the L2. The LX2 weighs just 4.2 ounces including batteries.

What’s more, the entire body has been redesigned. A smooth, fluted body has replaced the rough knurling of the L2. The fluting provides a comfortable, secure grip that won’t abrade clothing.

Like all SureFire lights, the LX2 is rugged. It has an aerospace-grade aluminum body with a milspec Type III hard-anodized olive drab finish. The one-inch bezel accepts all SureFire E-series filters and beam diffusers. The LED is protected by a Borofloat® window with an anti-reflective coating to maximize light transmission. The bezel and tailcap are O-ring sealed and certified to be waterproof to a depth of one meter for 30 minutes. It has a polymer lanyard ring and comes with an adjustable breakaway wrist lanyard.

The LX2 is equipped with SureFire’s proprietary reversible pocket clip for either bezel-up or bezel-down carry. The pocket clip is black-oxide finished stainless steel, making it durable enough for the tactically preferred bezel-down carry. The convenience of the reversible clip on the compact body makes it practical for pocket carry.

The improved tailcap is better suited for tactical applications than the twostage clicky tailcap found on other lights. You simply press slightly for momentary low-output, press further for momentary-on high, and twist for constant- on at either level. Conversely, the LX2 tailcap has a lockout feature to prevent accidental activation during transport and storage. As with all SureFire lockout tailcaps, you simply twist the tailcap counterclockwise 1.5 turns until the push-button is disabled. It’s simple, tactically sound and as near idiot-proof as it can be.

As a bonus, the LX2 head and tailcap will fit any SureFire E-series body, including the SureFire Scout Light®. If you want to upgrade the output on your Scout Light to 200 lumens, this is a viable option.

I tried this on my M600A Scout Light and it worked perfectly. This is because the electronics are in the LX2 head and the dual output is controlled by a resistor in the LX2 tailcap. For operation at maximum output, you only need to install the LX2 head. If you want a dualoutput Scout Light, simply replace the tailcap on the Scout Light with the LX2 tailcap.

In summary, the new SureFire LX2 LumaMax is a worthy successor to the L2, taking pocket-sized lights to a new level. Compact, ruggedly constructed and exceptionally powerful, it’s a great ittle flashlight.

The MSRP for the LX2 LumaMax is $195. As with all SureFire lights, it comes with a lifetime, no-hassle, “If it breaks, we fix it” warranty

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