Ballistic Clipboard

Nothing in law enforcement or security is routine. Why take unnecessary chances?


Ballistic Clipboard after being shot by 9mm, .357 Magnum, .40 S&W and .44 Magnum rounds. All rounds were defeated.

A clipboard is part of every officer’s daily kit. The patent pending Ballistic Clipboard from Impact Armor Technologies looks and feels like a normal clipboard yet provides NIJ Level IIIA ballistic protection.

Impact Armor Technologies was founded in 2006 as a producer of highpurity alumina ceramics for use as strike faces and for heavy armor applications. The company develops and deploys custom armor systems to meet specific end-user requirements.

Developed in response to a product development meeting between retired law enforcement officer Rob Slattery and Dan T. Moore, owner of Impact Armor Technologies, the Ballistic Clipboard is made of an advanced Kevlar® weave composite. It is also the only ballistic clipboard on the market that, due to its ergonomically designed secure handle, is easy to grip in both routine daily use and a fast-breaking crisis.

The Ballistic Clipboard is the result of several years of research and testing. Prototypes were tested in the field by law enforcement. Based on feedback from officers, several design changes were made, including rubber trim on the edges that makes the clipboard more comfortable to hold and less likely to catch when inserted in a patrol bag. The shape and size of the handhold were altered to provide a more positive grip and make it easier to use when gloves are worn. A sturdier waterproof material was also added.

The Ballistic Clipboard has a heavyduty low-profile clip with swinging lever arm that folds flat. The clip is attached with Phillips-head machine screws and is nickel plated.

The Ballistic Clipboard measures 12″ x 13″ with a thickness of 3/8”. It’s sized to fit in the saddlebags of motorcycles formotor cops. It weighs two pounds—obviously more than a standard clipboard, but not so much as to make it unwieldy.

The Ballistic Clipboard has been tested to provide multi-shot protection at both standoff and point-blank ranges against 9x19mm, .357 Magnum, .40 S&W and .44 Magnum rounds. According to Impact Armor Technologies, in field testing, the Ballistic Clipboard withstood multiple shots and groupings of shots, including eleven 9mm and six .44 Magnum rounds without compromise.

Sgt. Thomas Ruane, 5th Precinct, Newark, New Jersey Police Department, is just one of many officers now employing the Ballistic Clipboard. Sgt. Ruane states, “The city I work in, I have to go through doors on a daily basis [domestics, shots fired, screams for help]. We do not have time to wait for the SWAT team to assemble. I hold my Impact Armor Ballistic Clipboard in front of my head and go through the door. I have even tucked the clipboard under my arm to give me added protection where my vest doesn’t cover. I love it, and my family loves the fact that I have extra protection at my fingertips.”


Ballistic Clipboard provides discreet yet accessible NIJ Level IIIA multi-shot protection.

In November 2011, Sgt. Thomas Ruane’s brother, Sgt. Matthew Ruane, 4th Precinct, was chasing a stolen vehicle when the driver stuck his arm out his window and starting shooting at him. Sgt. Thomas Ruane was paralleling the chase and could see the sparks from the bullet hitting his radio car. After the suspect car crashed and the suspects were secured, Matt stated to him, “I could have used your clipboard a couple of minutes ago!” Matt received his early Christmas present from his brother in December 2011.

The Ballistic Clipboard can do more than stop bullets. It’s stab proof and can withstand heavy blows. Its ergonomic design and light weight also allow it to be employed as a low-profile expedient impact weapon and control device, if necessary.

And yes, it’s an excellent clipboard too. It makes a great mini lap desk when seated in a vehicle. In addition, the rubber edging allows you to set the clipboard on a vehicle without scratching the vehicle’s paint.

Impact Armor Technologies can design your clipboard with any department logo desired. The company will also take special orders for different size boards.

The Ballistic Clipboard is currently priced at $150 each. Volume pricing is available with purchases of six or more clipboards.

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