Tops Knives Team Jackal


ri_9Historically, the word jackal has beenused to refer to a small- to mediumsized species of wolf. Opportunistic predators, they usually run in small packs, but also hunt alone or in pairs— designed to bring their adversary down with stealth and strength. Another type of jackal is the covert operative tasked with subverting foreign governments from behind enemy lines utilizing sabotage, PSYOPS, disrupting lines of communication, political assassinations, and inciting civil disorder. The new Team Jackal from TOPS Knives has a 4 ¾-inch blade made from 1096 high carbon steel with an RC hardness of 56-58. Overall length is 9 ¾ inches. The knife features TOPS Black Traction Coating on the blade, a Black Linen Micarta Handle and Kydex sheath. Suggested retail is $169.95.


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