Tactical Brass Catcher


The Tactical Brass Catcher is lightweight, compact, tough, ri_6and performs flawlessly. The construction is high quality lightweight billet aluminum with a milspec hard coat finish. The bag tray uses 100% cotton that will not burn or melt from hot brass. The bag tray can hold 90 cases of 5.56/.223 and 50 cases of .308. It easily attaches to the quad rail or delta ring of most AR-style rifles. Emptying can be accomplished with one hand. Quad rail and delta ring models are available for both right-handed and left-handed rifles, and are 100% made in America. The Tactical Brass Catcher is great for those who reload or are just tired of wasting time picking up their brass at the range, and it promotes safety by keeping brass from under foot. Your shooting neighbor at the range will also appreciate not having your hot brass hitting him when you shoot.

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