Biotac Fixed-Blade Carry System

The Biotac™ is a new fixed-blade carry system from Columbia River Knife & Tool® (CRKT).


High Bio neck carry with underarm retention

The lightweight and inexpensive Biotac harness allows the inverted carry of virtually any fixed-blade knife that has a molded positive retention/ locking sheath with eyelets or grommets, such as those typically made of Kydex®, Concealex® or Zytel®. Designed by custom knife maker Ed Van Hoy, the Biotac allows for carry in multiple carry positions—either openly or concealed.


Simple in its construction, Biotac consists of a length of milspec paracord with polymer locking slider. Sheath is attached to harness by threading cord through eyelets on the sheath or using one of two included clips.

The Biotac’s construction couldn’t be any simpler. The harness consists of a length of blackmilspec 550 parachute cord with a polymer barrel spring cord lock. The sheath is attached to the harness by either threading the cord through the eyelets on the sheath or using one of the two clips included with the Biotac. While it would be easy to make up a similar harness on your own, it would likely end up costing you more than it would to purchase a Biotac, unless you already have the materials on hand.

CRKT illustrates six different carry options for the Biotac:

1. Standard carry around the neck, fully adjustable for low or high carry positions.
2. Bio neck carry with underarm retention.
3. Bio neck carry with halter retention.
4. Under shoulder carry, left or right, with underarm retention.
5. Waist carry, left or right.
6. Reverse (small of back) carry with dual shoulder cords.

back and chest

Left: Neck Carry. Right: Reverse Carry

CRKT includes illustrations of each of these carry positions. The harness is quite versatile and can be assembled to allow for other carry options as well.

The Biotac harness is fully adjustable and completely ambidextrous. The locking slider makes the harness easy to adjust very quickly. The inverted carry affords easy access to the knife and a quick downward draw with either hand.

The Biotac gets high marks for comfort and concealability. The harness has proven to be quite comfortable for allday carry, even with larger knives, and is literally invisible when worn undera jacket or shirt.



One commonly voiced concern with a paracord harness is that an assailant may potentially use it to choke the wearer. This concern can be mitigated depending on how the harness is worn.

waist shoulder and lower neck

Left: Waist carry Middle: Under shoulder carry Right: Low Bio neck carry with halter retention

To sum it all up, the Biotac fixedblade carry system is a versatile alternative to neck chains and belt sheaths for fixed-blade knife carry. It has a suggested retail price of only $9.99 and is covered by the standard CRKT one-year limited warranty against defects in material or manufacturing.sources

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