Timber Ridge Tactical Case

I’ve owned a lot of rifle cases over the years—hard cases, soft cases and “gun socks.”


Timber Ridge case can carry one AR-type rifle or two more streamlined guns.

Each type has its pros and cons, but for overall use I prefer soft cases.

A few months back, I picked up a Timber Ridge soft case (TRT-005) that shows promise for either tactical or hunting usage.

The front of the case is covered with PALS webbing and comes complete with two removable MOLLE pouches that can be attached anywhere on the front. The pouches can be used for ammo, first aid equipment, etc., and close with heavy-duty zippers. The pouches have PALS webbing on the front, allowing attachment of pouches on the pouches.


Front of case is covered with PALS webbing and includes two MOLLE pouches.

There is one large pocket on the front/middle of the case that has two compartments. The first is for a pistol and has removable interior straps to adjust for different gun sizes. It would also be great for maps or sniper logs. The second pocket is big enough for scopes, binoculars, a good-sized cleaning kit, etc. Both pockets have heavy-duty zippers.

The interior of the case has four triangular- shaped pockets—two on top and two on the bottom on each end of the case that the muzzle and butt ends of the firearm will fit into. These pockets are supplemented with Velcro straps to secure the long gun.

Although not sold as a two-gun case, the case will in fact hold two weapons if the firearms are fairly streamlined, e.g. shotguns, lever-action rifles, or bolt-action rifles without mounted optics.

Two AR-15-style carbines with carrying handles, optic mag wells and other protuberances will not fit without banging against each other, which defeats the purpose of carrying them in a case.


Pocket on front of case is designed to carry a handgun.

The top of the case has wraparound carry handles and a fulllength heavy-duty zipper so the case can be fully opened and laid flat for use as an improvised shooting mat. In addition to the zipper, two straps use quick-detach buckles to hold the case closed in the unlikely event the zipper fails.

The case comes complete with a removable, fully adjustable carry strap that can be hooked into plastic “D” rings located at each end of the case. It has a clear plastic insert for ID such as a business card and a strip of Velcro for a nametag.

Overall I found the case to be both well made and versatile. The PALS webbing can be used for either tactical or general shooting gear. I can carry my SIG M-400 in it for a duty gun, and carry both a shotgun and rifle when I go hunting. I’m sure this Timber Ridge case is going to see a lot of use.12


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Flint Hansen has been with the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (AZ) for 12 years. He is an NRA and Arizona DPS certified Firearms Instructor. He has written numerous articles for S.W.A.T. in addition to his monthly Lawful Carry column.

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