Don Hume H721 Holster

Knowing that the perfect shot will start from the holster, why would you choose a cheap holster made for your kid’s airsoft gun?


Don Hume H721 holster is made and molded for specific firearms, in this case a Colt Commander.

If you’re like me, you may carry a different gun on your days off than the one you carry on duty. My choice of holsters will likely be different than yours, yet each carry holster needs to meet three prerequisites.

First, it needs to be comfortable. If it’s not comfortable, you’re not going to wear it, meaning you won’t have your weapon when the chips are down.

Second, it needs to hold your gun securely while still being easy and fast to access it.

Finally, you need to be able to reholster safely once the encounter is over.

Why is reholstering so important? Some incidents may de-escalate to where deadly force is not justified, but you end up going to bare hands. For example, an attacker follows your command to drop his weapon, but then comes at you with his fists.

If you are about equally matched with the bad guy, a possible-shoot scenario has just turned into a no-shoot. Rather than risk your attacker gaining control of your weapon in the ensuing struggle, you need to maintain control by reholstering.


Don Hume D407 OT maga zine pouch features tension adjustment screws on the front .

Recently I requested a holster from Don Hume for test and evaluation. Don Hume has been known for quality leather gear that can pass the test of time. I have worn a Don Hume trouser belt for eight years and it still looks none the worse for wear.

The holster I received for evaluation was an H721. This holster is made of two pieces of leather. The pieces are glued and stitched together with heavy nylontype thread. High-stress areas are double stitched. The holster is molded to the specific model of handgun it is meant to carry, in my case a full-size 1911 pistol.

This holster is a pancake style that rides close and tight to the body. The belt slots on each side of the holster fit a 1¾-inch belt. The bottom of the holster is open, in order to prevent things from staying inside and gumming up the holster.

Having a retention device on a holster can’t hurt and may help. On duty I use a Level Two security holster, but off duty a  simple thumb break is sufficient.

The H721 is made with a metal reinforced thumb break with recessed snap, and its design also covers the pistol’s trigger.


Both the holster and magazine pouch have belt slots that will fit up to a 1 1/2-inch belt.

It is my opinion that if you carry a handgun for self-defense, you should carry a reload for it.

With that in mind, I also received a model D407 OT double magazine pouch. This mag pouch also has loops that fit a 1¾-inch belt. Two tension screws with rubber spacers allow the user to adjust how little or how much strength is needed to remove the magazine.

As stated earlier, leather goods from Don Hume are quality products. An extra bonus is that the products are competitively priced. The H721 holster has a suggested retail price of $57.30, while the D407 OT double magazine pouch retails for $32.95.kjhg

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