Good Guy Wins… Barely.

mug shot

A 74-year-old Athens, Alabama man was paid a visit at his home by a friend who was accompanied by two women he didn’t know. One of the women asked the man if she could borrow $25, but the home owner wouldn’t loan it to her, since she was a stranger, and loaned it to his friend instead.

The trio left, but the two women returned later that evening with a man accompanying them. After refusing to give the trio what they wanted, the male intruder began strangling the homeowner while the two women began looking around the house for money. The elderly homeowner produced a pistol from his pocket, stuck it in his assailant’s face, and pulled the trigger.

The gun did not fire.

Fortunately, one of the women saw the weapon in his hand and yelled “He’s got a gun!”, causing the threesome to flee the victim’s home. They were apprehended by police the next day and all three were charged with second-degree robbery.

Source: The Birmingham News.

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