Ban It!

To make the world a kinder, safer place, I think a few things should be made illegal and some things should be banned outright.

At the top of the list of things that should be made illegal are robbery, burglary, rape, assault and murder. We could also outlaw drugs— in fact we could have a War on Drugs!

By making all these things illegal, we would no longer have criminals, and thus have no need for jails or prisons. Just imagine all the money that the states and Federal government would save every year!

The banned list would include things that injure or kill innocent people every year and should only be possessed by trained individuals.

Every year people die falling from heights. No private citizen truly needs a ladder—that job should be left to skilled construction workers. The same thing goes for hammers, which are used in hundreds of murders every year.

I shudder at the very mention of knives. These deadly instruments of war have been used to create carnage almost as long as mankind has existed. I would restrict their use to registered chefs.

I realize all of the above is ludicrous. Criminals, by their very definition, break the law, and blaming inanimate objects for death or injury is equally as asinine. But this is in essence the argument used by those politicians who would trample on the Constitution and deprive us of our Right to Keep and Bear Arms—all while joyfully dancing in the blood of victims while wiping fake tears from the corner of their eye.

It has been reported that if there is not enough support in Congress, Obama may issue an Executive Order in his quest to trample on the Second Amendment. In short, he would act like a dictator by bypassing Congress with the stroke of a pen.

What can you do? Contact your elected representatives and urge them not to compromise and to vote against any new anti-gun measures. If an Executive Order is signed, demand that your Congressmen immediately defund the BATFE so they cannot enforce any new laws.

Don’t know how to contact them? Google Senator + contact or Congressman + contact. It really is that easy. Don’t send one letter or email or make one phone call. Do it over and over again. Flood their offices and let them know you’re serious.

Emotions are running higher than at any time I can remember. I pray for the Republic.

Until next time, stay low and watch your back.

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Denny Hansen

Denny Hansen served 13 years with the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office (AZ) including duties with patrol and SWAT He is an NRA and Arizona DPS certified Firearms Instructor and an NRA and JPFO life member. The graduate of numerous firearm and tactics courses, he has been the editor of S.W.A.T. since 1988.

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