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Some things are good enough to stand the test of time: the 1911 pistol (over 100 years), the AR-15 family of weapons (almost 50 years) and S.W.A.T. Magazine at 31 years.

S.W.A.T. did not gain the prominence it enjoys today until Rich Lucibella purchased it in 2001. Bucking the downsizing trend back then, Rich insisted on larger issues, went from nine times a year to monthly, and expanded S.W.A.T.’s newsstand presence. We have continued to increase S.W.A.T.’s visibility by maintaining a presence on some of the largest internet firearms forums, launching S.W.A.T. Magazine TV, producing a digital edition of the magazine, and more. Our Facebook page exceeded our wildest expectations with over 12,000 fans in less than a year.

When S.W.A.T. premiered back in the early 1980s, it was called Survival Weapons and Tactics. The name was chosen in large part due to the fact that the country was in the middle of a great recession. People did not trust government and were interested in taking more personal responsibility for themselves and their families.

Three decades later, history is being repeated but on a larger, more dangerous scale. In these trying times, S.W.A.T.’s tagline will once again be Survival Weapons and Tactics. Readers can expect to see the same in-depth reviews of firearms, training, tactics and gear that have made S.W.A.T. the pre-eminent magazine of its type.

However, we will be expanding our scope to include articles on becoming self-sufficient and prevailing through crises, whether natural or manmade, and their aftermaths. Planned topics include: emergency medicine, tactics for fending off home invaders, home security against everything from copper thieves to rogue governments, best places to stash weapons around the house, how to create hidden caches for valuables, securing the borders of your property, black markets and much more.

A few years ago we started our popular Shoot ‘N’ Save series to share ways to save money but keep shooting in hard economic times. Our new self-reliance series is called Off The Grid and debuts in this issue with coverage of Gunsite’s Emergency Medical Preparedness Course.

Until next -time, stay low and watch your back.Capture

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Denny Hansen

Denny Hansen served 13 years with the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office (AZ) including duties with patrol and SWAT He is an NRA and Arizona DPS certified Firearms Instructor and an NRA and JPFO life member. The graduate of numerous firearm and tactics courses, he has been the editor of S.W.A.T. since 1988.

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