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Seth R. Nadel

Seth Nadel retired after serving 27 years as a Senior Special Agent with U.S. Customs. He was a firearms instructor for 25 years, including nine years as the lead firearms instructor at the Tucson Customs Academy.

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Off The Grid Full-Time

Take your pick—there are lots of reasons to be prepared. You have your gear: guns, ammo, food, first aid, medications, and hard-wear clothing. Your bug-out bag is packed and ready. Now, where will you go? Many folks decide to look for (or create) a place off the grid, meaning off the power system and...

Montana X-Treme Gun Care Products

I admit it—I’m an old timer. I started shooting before many S.W.A.T. readers were born, and my mentor started before World War II! He was taught (and taught me) that Hoppe’s #9 was the best all-purpose cleaner for firearms—and besides, it has that delightful smell, that light scent of banana oil. Cleaners...