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Ned Christiansen

Ned Christiansen is known for his custom 1911 pistols and unique AR-15 armorer tools. A lifelong student of all things related to firearms, he has many years of competition shooting under his belt. He is a police firearms instructor, inventor, and firearms consultant to agencies, industry, and individuals. His AR-15 and 1911 Armorer classes have been well received by clubs and agencies around the country.

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One Stop Piece Shopping

ArmaLite Continuous Optics Platform Upper Receiver The idea of a free-floating handguard that is integral to, and not just connected to, an AR-15’s upper receiver is not new. The concept behind it is to increase rigidity, and thus accuracy and durability, by removing a connection point between the upper receiver and handguard. To...

6x45mm Patrol Rifle Cartridge

How Much Better Than 5.56mm? One of my previous S.W.A.T. articles might give the impression that I’m on a quest to dethrone the 5.56mm for patrol rifles and defensive carbines (6.5 GRENDEL: Patrol Rifle Candidate? May 2010). That is not the case. There are many things the 5.56mm does exceedingly well....