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Kyle R Ver Steeg II M.D.

Dr. Ver Steeg is double board certified in General Surgery and Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. He has extensive experience in trauma and wound care. In addition to having a private practice, he is the team physician for Randall's Adventure & Training.

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Portable, Dependable Fire

Humans have had the ability to control fire for about 400,000 years. Eating while sitting around a campfire has had a significant impact on the development of human societies and culture. Having access to a fire in a survival situation has a number of advantages. The time it takes to build a fire...

Primitive Cooking

My grandfather used to say, “There is nothing manly about being helpless.” A child of the Great Depression, he knew how to get by in lean times and make do with available materials. Survival enthusiasts are usually very good at building shelters, making fires and finding water. Many of us have stores...

The Hammock

Over the years I’ve owned tents ranging from $20 pup tents all the way up to high-end The North Face expedition tents. Tents certainly have their uses, but as my outdoor pursuits have evolved, so has my choice in shelters. In September 2011, I attended an event at Jeff Randall’s farm. I...