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Ken Matthews

Ken Matthews is a former SWAT-team member with a Utah police department. Ken has fulfilled collateral responsibilities as a Sniper and Team Medic depending on the mission. He has been an underground miner, EMT and Ambulance Commander, a Flight Nurse and Air-Medical Program Director with over 1,000 patient missions.

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PLANES, TRAINS, AND AUTOMOBILES | Travel Preparedness By Ken Matthews

Many of us travel frequently. Business trips, family events and vacations, and general day-to-day commuting can place us away from home, community, and our main resources on a regular basis. And the nightly news is filled with reports of disasters. Whether manmade and occurring in a major...

Extreme Rifle Makeover

Building A Budget Precision Rifle We often read about Tier-1 special teams and their high-dollar precision rifles and equipment. Press releases and magazine articles regularly showcase products from various manufacturers touting the features of the latest-and-greatest rifles and optics. While many of these innovative products perform superbly, they usually come with substantial price tags that...