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John Spears

John Spears is a former 18D Special Forces Medic and currently an orthopedic spine surgeon and weapons and tactics instructor for EAG Tactical.

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Going Mental | Psychology of Optimal Shooting

Instructors and students alike understand that we all learn in different ways. As an instructor, I’m always intrigued when I’m initially unsuccessful at improving a student’s performance but a fellow instructor is able to intervene and make the light bulb come on for the student with an...

No Margin For Error | Shoot House Safety

The profession of arms does not suffer fools. Authority can be delegated; responsibility cannot. The privileges of being an instructor mean that a sacred trust has been placed in me not only to provide proper advice and guidance, but also to ensure that training will be conducted...

No Light? No Problem! | Battleview Infrared Vascular Trans-Illuminator

Tactical Night Vision Company (TNVC) has brought to market a stunning new technology called the Battleview Infrared Vascular Trans- Illuminator. This device gives tactical medical operators the ability to gain intravenous access under conditions of total darkness. For those not in the tactical medical field, the magnitude of this development may not be immediately apparent, so let’s expand...