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Jeff Randall

Jeff Randall has worked and traveled in China, Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Switzerland, and nearly every Latin American country. He is the co-author of the book Adventure Travel in the Third World and is also an accomplished photographer. He considers the Amazon jungle his second home. He can be contacted through www.jungletraining.com

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White Powder War

Inside Colombia’s Elite Jungla Commandos, Part 1 Without moving his eyes from the jungle floor, the door gunner held up three fingers, indicating that we had three minutes until we hit the LZ. A Jungla operator adjusted the strap on his helmet, while another bowed his head...

USMC Survival Kit

During a tactical training class I attended several years ago, the question of survival/E&E (escape & evasion) kits came up. After a quick round-table discussion, it became clear that the students’ definition of survival gear was extra food. I was astounded that these welltrained cops and military...