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Rushdi Cader

Dr. Rushdi Cader is a graduate of the UCLA Emergency Medicine Program and serves as Medical Director of the San Luis Obispo Regional SWAT Team. Dr. Cader has been an Instructor at the FBI Southern California Tactical Medicine Program and a speaker at TMAC and CATO. Dr. Cader is the Founder and President of SWAT Trauma Assistance Training that manufactures tactical medical training products and has provided free tactical medical training to over 1200 local and federal law enforcement officers to throughout California. Dr. Cader is also the founder of ALERTUS, a faith sector Counter Terrorism and Counter Violent Radicalization program. Dr. Cader has volunteered with the International Medical Corps in several regions of conflict and natural disaster and currently practices Emergency Medicine in San Luis Obispo, California.

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Chest Seals

Making The Concepts Stick The tool bag of the tactical medical first responder includes a finite and easily mastered collection of devices. In tactical medicine, each piece requires not just an understanding of how it is applied and for what indication, but also facility of the application while under duress. In order to master...